4D Sound


Thanks to DJ Tech Tools for making this video, and the following write up:

"When you start to talk to Max, it becomes clear just how excited he is about everything that he’s working on – from his own audio productions to massive collaboration projects like the 4D sound system. Having come from a scientific background (he holds a Ph.D. in computational biology), Max’s attention to detail must prove invaluable when needing to rethink how live performances work – which is exactly what the 4D system required.

Created by a team in the Netherlands (4D Sound Group and Bloomfield Systems), the 4D Soundsystem is a grid of 48 omni-directional speakers that are installed around a room to allow the performer to physically move sound around the space. The speakers are set up to use a technique to use an advanced concept called “contiguous phantom imaging”, allowing sound to travel vertically and horizontally in any direction in the space – all with a custom Max4Live patch and Ableton session (and a iOS Lemur template) to control the performance."

Spacial orientation for my remix of Agoria 'Panta Rei'