Submerged Textures - Live
Mix for B Traits Radio 1


I made a mix and BBC Radio 1 featured a section of it on BTraits' show - I've uploaded the full version to the Downloads area for members of my site.

If you haven't done already, join the mailing list to download the mix [and other exclusive mixes, unreleased tracks and the Quotient series].

It's fairly club oriented, using my own tracks, remixes and a bootlegs, and a few old bits in there too. The hand-drawn artwork is by Colin Droz.


Max Cooper - Sea of Sound - Ambient Rework

Landside - Still There - Max Cooper Remix

Nick Warren - Devils Elbow - Max Cooper Remix

Microtrauma - Contrast - Max Cooper Remix

Max Cooper - Molten Landscapes

Max Cooper - Symmetry

Max Cooper - Symmetry - Vessels Remix

Halls - Roses for the Dead - Max Cooper Remix

Max Cooper - Cyclic

Mono Electric Orchestra - Blunt Force Trauma - Max Cooper Remix

Agoria - Panta Rei - Max Cooper Remix

Objekt - Agnes Demise / Helios - A Mountain of Ice - MC edit

Max Cooper & Satirist - Grit

Ricardo Tobar - Mi Pieza Lena De Cosas - Max Cooper Remix

Nils Frahm - Peter - Max Cooper Remix

Max Cooper - Four Tone Reflections