MAX COOPER announces new album 'Unspoken Words', released 25th March on Mesh, with lead single "Everything" and its accompanying video.

"Everything" is an excitable expression of freedom and joy, an explosion of colour referencing classic synth sounds from Max Cooper’s formative years and the golden era of idealism in music and popular culture of the '80 and '90s.

Max said, “I love feeling that anything is possible. This piece of music carried that sort of idealism for me," says Cooper. "The synths seemed to carry the hope of everything I could imagine, condensed into the simple chord progression, improvised pads and layers of distortion. It was a lot of fun to work with, and spending time in that creative mindset generated lots of ideas which could be shot down later under less manic conditions.”

The track was featured as Mary Anne Hobbs’ Near Future track on BBC Radio 6 Music on 18 January with an introduction from Max (listen back here).

As an audio-visual artist, Cooper often goes to the medium of video to enhance his music and the ideas and stories which inspire and inform his work. "Everything" is one of 13 short films combined into Unspoken Words and the metanarrative which will be released as a film on Blu-ray to accompany the album on 25th March.

Cooper developed the visual story for ‘Everything’ with long term collaborator Nick Cobby and photographer Andrey Prokhorov, who has a huge library of imagery from around the world.

Read more about the direction of the video in the description on YouTube.

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