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FIGHTERS - a film and sculpture by Quayola with music by Max Cooper, “Palestrina Sicut” - the final piece to be released from the ‘Seme’ audio-visual project, commissioned by Salzburg Easter Festival.

Through recent collaboration with visual artists, coders, mathematicians, architects and filmmakers and informed by his PhD in computational biology, Max Cooper has incubated Seme’s thesis in music and visual arts, rooted in experimentation yet fully embracing the intersectional potentials that challenge the perceived barriers between art forms and performance events.

“I began thinking about the foundational ideas and aesthetics coming from Italy, and the connections to my interests which have gone into previous projects." Max Cooper

"...I set on the idea of “Seme” to link foundational aesthetics in science to other areas found in Italian culture: art, religious iconography, architecture, music, etc. It’s a big melting pot of ideas and form.”

When I discovered Palestrina and tried integrating it into my music, I had a wow moment. It’s music that was created for the church, Holy music, but it carries a lot of the same messages of reflection and meaning that I often work with.”

‘Fighters’ is a film and sculpture by Italian multimedia visual artist Quayola for Max Cooper’s audio-visual project ‘Seme’ - the latest in the acclaimed musician, sound designer and creative vast portfolio of work that explores the foundations of nature and society.

The short film impressively captures the fusion of computer programming and classical Italian art, discovering historical aesthetics through a complex lens.

Quayola is an Italian artist who employs technology to explore the tensions and equilibriums between seemingly opposing forces: real and artificial, figurative and abstract, old and new. Constructing immersive installations, he engages with and re-imagines canonical imagery. His varied practice derives from custom computer software and includes performance, immersive installations, sculpture and works on paper. He has worked with composers, orchestras and musicians including London Contemporary Orchestra, National Orchestra of Bordeaux, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Vanessa Wagner, Jamie XX and Mira Calix.

Seme premiered within the iconic Felsenreitschule concert hall on 28 March 2024, followed by two nights at London’s Barbican Centre.

A truly creative alliance, Cooper and Quayola artworks pay distinctive attention to the relationship between various stimuli – the visual and the audible, all delicately explored through both the digital and the analogue formats.

‘Fighters’ showcases the harmonious potential of art and technology drawing inspiration from Michelangelo’s Captives (1510-1530), a series of never-completed sculptures which became emblematic of their expressiveness embedded in the exposed sculptural process.

Quayola’s sculpture is left unfinished, with the intent to document the aesthetics of the process itself, which becomes the true subject of both the film and the actual sculpture.

Fighters is a film about the algorithmic genesis of Quayola’s latest marble sculpture and the expressiveness of new robotic gestures, a chiselling visual performance that sees a robot take the lead protagonist - replacing the delicate touch of a human craftsman. It bridges digital and physical realms, sublimating robotic means and computational pathways into objects of contemplation, celebrating the intrinsic poetics of algorithmic logic and robotics precision, as well as the heritage of sculptural traditions, Carrara’s marble and the historical quarry itself.



Produced by Quayola Studio in collaboration with Cave Corsi, Carrara

Concept & Design: Quayola

CAM Design/Programming: Andrea Santicchia

Robotic Simulation and Milling: Robotor / TorArt

3D-Scanning: Digital Reality Lab


Editing: Quayola, Thea Ferraro

Editing Assistant: Giulia Olivieri

Post-production coordinator: Sara Taigher, Ippolito Simion (So What Pictures)

Production: Maria Elena Brugora

Drone Operator: Isabella Andrei

Camera Operators: Laura Veschi, Marco Petracci

Fighters: Denys Sliusar, Georgi Angelov, Georgi Petrov

Marble Quarry: Successori Adolfo Corsi, Carrara


“Palestrina Sicut” by Max Cooper + @maxcoopermax

Composition / Production / Synths: Max Cooper

Additional Composition / Synths: Niels Orens Vocalist: Sarah Aristidou

Vocalist: Kim Sheehan

Additional production: Tom Hodge

Vocal Recording: Andy Ramsay

Additional Mixing: Aneek Thapar

Mastering: Chris McCormack

Management: The Wild Seeds

Label: Mesh