Hyperform is an immersive 360 audio-visual experience, exploring the role of spatial dimensionality to create our reality, and its potential to create strange new realities as higher dimensional forms and spaces unravel around us.

The project is a collaboration with visual artist and programmer Maotik, and mathematician Dugan Hammock.

Hyperform premiered at the MUTEK festival at SAT in Montreal on 23 August '17, subsequently was shown at MUTEK in Japan and Mexico and again at SAT from 31 October to 25 November.

Watch an interview about the project here:

The viewer experiences the story of the dimensions of space in which we operate and take for granted, and how these are thought to go far beyond what we experience in our day-to-day lives.

The journey begins with the simplest spatial forms in both audio and visual format, and progresses towards a realm of beautiful immersive abstraction using real mathematical models of hyper-dimensional forms, which are believed to exist beyond our normal perceptual capacity.

The project aims to demonstrate to a wide audience the principles of what spatiality is, and how it is constructed, and to provide a glimpse into the deeper realms of nature which are usually beyond our grasp.

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MUTEK [Hyperform premiere]
SAT, Montreal