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For the second single from his forthcoming album 'One Hundred Billion Sparks', Max Cooper presents 'Identity'. Minuscule details spiral around immersive acoustics, driven forward by a soothing, muffled kicks and minimal percussion. By manipulating the use of volume throughout the track, Max carves out cavernous acoustics with his familiarly rich palette, this time exploring it within a distinctly angular framework.

The single was premiered by Lauren Laverne on BBC 6Music.

Max has shared some background to the origins of Identity:

"During my process of isolation to look inward for the basis of the album, I became increasingly aware of the constructs we live inside, the fables we tell ourselves about who we are and the systems which create us.

It’s hard to accept, but I like the idea that I am only a bunch of malleable constructs. I wanted to tell the story of our personal battle against these pressures of conformity - nationality, religion, social norms, class, pier and parental expectations, we are loaded with constraints which muffle our true personality which is always there simmering underneath, and, in this track at least, eventually bursts through with extreme effect.”

This part of the story comes later on in the album, where we're looking at high level constructs, this track being about all the strange and abstract constructs which create our identity, and how they can be much more flexible than we sometimes believe. It starts off as a peaceful listen, but becomes muffled, and then eventually our real identity breaks free with some huge distortion, which I hope you enjoy and doesn't give too much of a shock. It's the most intense track on the album.

I had a lot of fun with some crazy noise pedals I found in Montreal to create it, the Industrialectric RM-1N and Echo Degraders working with the Prophet 6 mainly, and of course a healthy dose of WMD Geiger Counter chaos too. Watch out for tiny bleeps hanging out just above your right ear before the noise section, if you're headphone listening and are interested in the effect of binaural augmentation in music.

Thanks for having a listen!”

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