We face economic turmoil but we must consider climate and environment in our Covid recovery plans.

I got involved with an awareness raising project narrated by Pope Francis, Greta Thunberg, Antonio Guterres and many more, aiming to encourage discussion around the future we want for the planet.

The video 'Imagine For 1 Minute' was created by Gripping Films, with the insane visual work by Kevin and Páraic McGloughlin of course! Which I added some sync effects to, alongside a binaural mix of the narrators for maximum chatting into ear intensity, and an edit of the track "Reflect" to try and fit the breadth of the project in feel.

The project is free to share and use as you wish to create your own message, music copyright and ads all switched off across platforms - download the audio from www.maxcooper.net/imagine

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Directors: @tommustill and @alex_kiehl

Producer: @evaniakeziaoofs

Directors of animation and visuals: @kevinmcgloughlin_gram and @paraicmcgloughlin

Audio editors: @fegusdingle and @cocozinha

Music and sound design: Max Cooper

Representation and Music publishing: The Wild Seeds, Manners McDade, Mesh under licence to Phases

Online: @bramonthegio and specialtreats productions

Production assistant: Louis.JW Impact @projectimpactteam