This is one track where I used the ‘emergent’ principle a little more explicitly in the musical creation. I forced an emergent rhythm by sampling the sound of rain hitting my window using binaural microphones, and then took the random rain hits and gradually during the track force them towards their nearest grid positions on a live-drum grid pattern. This process causes the initially random rain hits to slowly produce an emergent rhythm, which forms the basis of the percussion for the rest of the track i.e. it’s an emergent musical process, yielding order from chaos, with the video about the same principle, applied to living systems emerging from disorder.

Maxime Causeret has created a beautiful colourful exploration of simple living forms in an ancient marine environment, looking at morphological specialisation, emergent swarming behaviours, reaction-diffusion, immotile plant forms and simple motile life competing for resources - Some of the sorts of systems important in leading to the rich variation and specialisation of life we see today, with a near-perfectly adapted form for every different ecological niche.

For a deeper look into the Emergence project, we made an interactive companion guide. Visit emergence.maxcooper.net for more.