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Parting Ways

The third instalment from my new album is called 'Parting Ways', and is set to a video sequence by the awesome Maxime Causeret, telling the story of creation via endless division. You'll see the references to old video projects in there too, it was one part of the new story which overlapped with some old ones.

The new album project is full of scores to infinite visualisations, so it needed some spacey synth noodlings to match. It's the first time I've made a live improvised piece of music, it gives it a different feel, less precise arrangement, constant patch morphing and more flow. Something to get lost in hopefully. Myself on synths, Six Sigma on bassline, and Adam Betts on drums. I added some detailing later and the big retro snare etc, but the core synth and basslines that run throughout came from that initial jam session.

Maxime Causeret:

I've tried to start from a very simple element a box and make it split again and again in order to create more complex structures. It ends up to the universe splitting into multiverses that loops back to this box splitting and splitting again, in an infinite loop. As a funny fact, I often get crazy scales while zooming out, with a few unexpected bugs like min and max slope values in Houdini animation editor. I hope you will enjoy this animation. I have to thanks 2 collaborators that helps me on this project: Leslie Murard and Gratien Vernier.

Yearning for the Infinite

“We are rats in the wheel, imprisoned by our nature to endlessly pursue. But the view of the essence of this process as a whole, is a beautiful thing.” - Max Cooper

Sonically, the album merges Max’s affinity for rich harmony and spatial manipulation with sweeping acoustics and subtly evolving motifs. Vast textures are offset against microscopic drum patterns whilst floating through endless caverns and limitless skies.

Yearning for the Infinite is an album which provides both a strikingly original listen and a rare insight into Max’s creative process. Tasked with translating such an immense concept to a live performance, each track on the album is carefully mapped out to support the narrative, but never loses sight of Max’s characteristic love for experimentation and immersive harmony. As such, it is equally effective as a stand-alone work.

Visually, the live project documents forms of the infinite set against their role in the human condition. Abstract visualisations are presented amongst human stories of yearning and endless pursuit. As always with Max’s work, the tension between the abstract, scientific and computational worlds of electronic music and visualisation work alongside an inherent thread of human emotion.

Yearning For The Infinite is a generous listen, addressing a collective sense of uncertainty by exploring the pleasures of the infinite. It’s also one of Max’s most sonically diverse releases to date.

Yearning for the Infinite Tour Dates

23 October: Berlin, Betonhalle - tickets

9 December: Athens, National Opera - tickets