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Following on from the release of his acclaimed album ‘One Hundred Billion Sparks’ earlier this year, Max Cooper presents 2018's final single 'Phi'.

Taken from an album which focuses on the fragility of identity, evaluating theories of mind and experience with twelve audio-visual projects, ‘Phi’ is a track that reflects Cooper’s unique ability to explore musical and scientific ideas in concert.

Musically, sparse melodic details wind around a central theme, initially designed as a score to an imagined video, which Cooper would go on to commission, showing the mapping and networking processes associated with “Phi”, a potential measure of consciousness designed by Giulio Tononi.

Max says of the song:

"I wanted to create a simple feeling of a positive process, set amongst lots of tiny chaos.

So I focused in on chords and texture, with the complexity only there with close listening.

It was all part of this bigger album project where I was scoring every track to an imagined film, which I went on to commission later."