Mesh Creative Challenge:
remix 'A Model of Reality'


Max Cooper has invited everyone to take part in the Mesh Creative Challenge: to remix 'A Model of Reality'.

"It’s open and inclusive because a remix can be any kind of artistic expression… music, code, poetry, short story, video, painting, sculpture… however you feel you can add something in your own way", said Max.

All the stems are available on our Mesh Discord server - if you’re not already a member then click the button below to join the community.

Max added, "'A Model of Reality' is one of the tracks from 'Unspoken Words' that could go in a number of different directions which I toyed with during the writing phase - so I’m looking forward to experiencing what you can make from it. And if you don’t feel you have all the skills to deliver your ambition, why not offer to collaborate with someone in the Discord channel?"

As a goal to complete the challenge, Mesh are planning to release…

> at at least one audio remix on Mesh

> digital art as an NFT on Mesh Lab

> a video project on Max's YouTube channel

Read more about the ideas behind "A Model of Reality" and the whole album at

Terms and Conditions

The stems can only be used within the Mesh Creator Challenge.

The original artwork cannot be used in this challenge.

If you would like to release your work publicly and/or commercially, Mesh reserves the right to have first refusal on supporting the release.

Any work relating to this Mesh Creator Challenge project can only be released commercially with permission from Mesh, confirmed in writing via email. Please direct all inquiries to Mesh Label manager: [email protected]

3rd party usage of these remixes is strictly prohibited. This includes; licensing, compilations and sync usage.

Mesh shall endeavour to promote all artists’ submissions and will coordinate this with the artists after the submission deadline.

Rules and deadlines are subject to change.