The audiovisual live performance 'Within Without' pushes the boundaries of an unparalleled new reality. Under a dancing circle of light in the heart of Carré, you will be overwhelmed for an hour by artists, performers and composers with live electronics and singing, while illusionary elements of light sharpen your senses in sync.

Within Without is a collaboration orchestrated by Nick Verstand, with Salvador Breed, Max Cooper and support from artists including:


Wes Broersen

Rafaele Andrade

Sarah Neutkens

Fer Kitzen

Terence Goodmann

Sascha Beynon

Lonneke van der Weerd

Marloes Stofferis

Within Without premiered at Royal Theater Carré in Amsterdam from 1-4 July 2021. The project was made possible in part by the Kickstart Cultuurfonds, Fonds21, Zadelhoff Cultuurfonds and the Carré Fonds.