As with many of my projects, the natural world and its structures supply all the art and inspiration needed.

For this project, I was influenced by varying interpretations of time.

I wondered if our experience of time could be explained…where time is just a physical dimension into which things grow, with us experiencing now as the cusp of the inflation.

The visual and musical ideas both stemmed from train journeys, and were then run through studio hardware to form each track, and a collaboration with Kevin McGloughlin to create a video representation of his work that will feature in the live show. 

The opening track ‘Veil Of Time’ uses ambient chord progressions as a commentary on the dampening inescapability of time, whilst ‘Resynthesis’ opts for a more rhythmic exploration using classic retro synthesis sound design.

‘Stacked Moments’ addresses the notion of the present as the surface of a growing structure, with a textural chord sound providing the basis for new elements to wander.

Finally, ‘Corporeal’ is a collaboration with Rob Clouth heard previously on the Essential Mix in which a synth is run through a radio transmitter, creating distortion and flecks to alter the main chord sequence.

Release date: 24 November 2017 / Mesh

Cat #: MESH004


01. Veil Of Time

02. Resynthesis

03. Stacked Moments

04. Corporeal [with Rob Clouth]