Behaviour Morphe -
collaboration with Zaha Hadid


Zaha Hadid Architects invited me to collaborate with them to present their castle-front audio visual mapping projection at Schlosslichtspiele Festival.

Taking place in Karlsruhe, Germany, from 3 August to 10 September, the festival presents a programme of spectacular light mapping projections on the 170m façade of the city’s Baroque castle.

Long time collaborator, Andy Lomas [Emergence artwork and various music videos], was also involved in providing visuals.

Getting an opportunity to be involved in project mapping a building of over 100 meters long was exciting.

ZHA's ideas and work fit well with my musical approach, being based on human/machine boundaries, and emergence of biological forms from simulated systems of behaviour.

I drew on a couple of old tracks which fit the visual style and the development of the piece, which goes from a playful exploration of human interactions with an architectural space to a barrage of cellular forms and audio-visual intensity.

I spent a lot of time working on the sound design to score each tiny event and ripple of visual processing to sync with the mapping across the front of the castle. From my perspective, the crux of the piece is in this synchronisation, bringing the sound to life through the painstaking and in-depth simulation and generative computational approaches of the visuals.

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