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Max Cooper will perform a live audio-visual show on 6 July, equipped with multiple projectors and canvases to create a unique fusion of electronic ambient, post-classical and techno music, inspired by scientific enquiry and artistic expression.

Max said, "It’s the most special space I’ve ever worked with, so we’ve decided to make a film from my Acropolis show to stream from 16 September, alongside behind the scenes footage and insights into the music and visual collaborations."

He will perform at the historic site, built in 161 AD on the site regarded as the birthplace of modern thought yielding ideas that have inspired much of Cooper’s work, his hypnotic optics will be projected on the walls of the ancient Odeon of Herodes Atticus at the invitation of Plissken as part of the Athens Epidaurus Festival 2021.

STABAL will be at the event, capturing every moment including exclusive behind the scenes access, ready to broadcast to fans globally and allow fans to discover the “meeting of minds” behind the show, understanding how Max uses art, science, philosophy, maths and technology to bring his experiences to life.

Max Cooper says, “Over the years I have developed my live visual to show to work with spaces, rather than just, in spaces, so that the architecture and beauty, history of the place becomes as much a part of the show as my music and visual collaborations. I'm aiming to make a spectacle of the theatre, and to complement it with my work as best I can. I look forward to sharing this with fans both in person and digitally.”