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Out of Body
An ambient mix of some of my favourite peaceful music
Livestream with AVA x Red Bull
Broadcast on 18.11.20 - filmed at Carlisle Church, Belfast
Yearning for the Infinite - live at Barbican, London
Live show at the Barbican in London on 28 Sept 2019, available to watch on YouTube
A tiny film with a big idea
Earth EP featuring 'Reflect' and 'Swarm'
A fusion of environmental commentary and meditation on form
OUR VOID live at the Roundhouse, 30 April 2021
A new audio visual experience taking place at The Roundhouse London for April 2021
Sónar+D live - available on demand
Live AV show, and talk about Yearning for the Infinite
A new experiment to reimagine Philip Glass scores with Bruce Brubaker
Yearning for the Infinite
The most expansive project to date - an audio/visual rendering of our obsession with the unobtainable
Transcendental Tree Map
I find this image deeply beautiful and deeply troubling, and I’ll try to explain why.
Aether light installation
The light installation created in collaboration with Architecture Social Club
Balance 030 now available
The most in-depth mix project I've tried so far
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AIR podcast interview
A conversation with Emma Robertson ahead of the MONOM show in Berlin
Behaviour Morphe - collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects
‘Behaviour Morphe’ will show at Schlosslichtspiele Festival from 3 August to 10 September in Karlsruhe, Germany, light mapping the projection on the 170m façade of the city’s Baroque castle.
Aether installation at Lumiere London
From 18-21 January at Granary Square, Kings Cross
One Hundred Billion Sparks Remixed
Alternative versions of the album project
One Hundred Billion Sparks
The latest album and audio-visual experience
Boolean Planet
An interactive installation collab with FutureWife
Collaboration with Maotik to create an immersive 360 audio-visual experience
The Nature of Nature
A few thoughts on existence, universality, music and the idea of perfection
Fragmenting Consciousness
Some thoughts on the mind, the hard problem, simulations and objectivity
Collaboration with the Babraham Institute and Andy Lomas