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World Passing By
An EP inspired by interpretations of time
Mesh Live pop-up store
New t-shirts and jumpers available for a limited time
Le Cercle live broadcast
from Musée Bourdelle in Paris on 13 November
Stacked Moments
First track from the 'World Passing By' EP, inspired by interpretations of time
This tour is all about dropping the audience right inside my audio-visual world
Submerged Textures - Live Mix for B Traits Radio 1
There's an exclusive new mix on the members site
Boolean Planet
An interactive installation collab with FutureWife
A collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects
‘Behaviour Morphe’ will show at Schlosslichtspiele Festival from 3 August to 10 September in Karlsruhe, Germany, light mapping the projection on the 170m façade of the city’s Baroque castle.
Collaboration with Maotik to create an immersive 360 audio-visual experience
The Nature of Nature
A few thoughts on existence, universality, music and the idea of perfection
Collaboration with the Babraham Institute and Andy Lomas
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